Growers Costing Model Workshop

Every nursery, at some time or other, is going to have to be able to answer the question: how much do my plants cost?


The first part of the answer's easy - add up the costs of pot, media, label … But, then it gets tougher - just how do we apportion admin costs, the power bill, rates, insurance, 4 weeks holiday pay, the new tractor or sales van, and many other non-productive expenses across the plants we're growing? And then, what happens if we use a larger pot, pot it on, grow an established grade …?

Without this information it becomes difficult to run a nursery in an informed and confident manner. Given escalating cost pressures, the need for timely and accurate information and a method to keep our costings up to date is more important than ever right now.

In this seminar you will be assisted in the process of:

  • Understanding the principles of nursery product costing and the establishment of a simple paper-based process.
  • Establishing the set up requirements of the Computer Nursery Costing Model in order to create a working costing tool for your individual nursery.
  • Working individually on your own copy of the Costing Model - new copy or upgrade provided.

Armed with this information you will be able to:

  • Determine whether your plants are being sold at a profit or a loss.
  • Determine which plants generate the most profit.
  • Determine the price your plants should be sold at in order to generate a minimum and pre-determined profit.
  • Confidently negotiate sales knowing what the actual profit margins are, and how much you can afford to move in your pricing.

Prior to the seminar we’ll send you a worksheet to guide you in collecting necessary nursery and business data so that your work at the seminar produces a fruitful and accurate working model.

This is a seminar for all growers whether they are NGIA members or not. Ensure your business has the margins that will see you in business for the long term ... see you there.

Growers Costing Workshop

A workshop-style seminar walking you through the nursery costing process:

  • Fundamentals of costing.
  • paper & calculator approach.
  • Implementation of the Growers computer costing model.

The NGIA Growers Sector has contracted ToucanLogic to present these seminars.


  • Marjo Gisberts of InfoServices of Lincoln
  • John Liddle of KingGrapes Ltd

The Ornamental Growers Sector is extremely grateful to Dalton's who have generously offered sponsorship of the Nursery Development Programme and some of this funding will underwrite the seminars.


Wednesday 19 August 2009
9:00am - 4:00pm
Angelsea Motel

Thursday 20 August 2009
9:00am - 4:00pm
Lincoln Green Hotel, Henderson


  • For nurseries owning a copy of the NGIA Costing Model: First Delegate $245
  • For nurseries NOT owning a copy of the NGIA Costing Model: First Delegate $295
  • Second Delegate from any Business $125

Course cost includes
Morning tea, lunch, workbook and if you've not got one, a copy of NGIA Growers Costing Model.

Ideally, attendees will have at least one laptop computer available to bring with them per nursery.

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Growers Costing Workshop

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